Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally, A New Post

Here I sit at 12:47 A.M. and decide that I need to do some blogging. I have not been knitting a lot lately. In fact, I haven't picked up the sticks in over a week. My time has been focused on practicing law, cleaning my house and losing weight.

DBF is coming home in less than two months and I am working on a "man room" for him. The catch, I have to clean it out. That is what happens when you move in home that a relative occupied, passed away and no one bothered to clean out. So once again I find myself sorting through boxes and bags of my family's past. Tonight I discovered the first thing I even knitted. At the ripe age of 9 I knitted a light purple vest. A very simple looking box of a vest but I eyed it tonight and the gauge was good, very consistent. Apparently, I was an OCD knitter then too. The funny thing is that I do not remember being that small. I could swear the vest was bigger. I also stumbled across the first skirt I ever sewed. (yes I sew too but rarely) I also found some old yarn. I could not bring myself to put this yarn in the car awaiting it's trip to Goodwill. I put it in a safe place to be introduced to the rest of the stash later.

Friday, June 29, 2007

*AHEM* Weekend You Are Late

I was looking forward to a well rested weekend spent at the lake fishing and drinking and just generally hanging out with my friend Jill. Jill lives a bit over two hours away in a small town that is even more depressing than mine. Jill and I met over the classifieds of the Other Paper at a bar review class. Sounds interesting eh? No really, she was reading them and starting laughing aloud which of course peeked my interest as I was taking up the couch across from her. She then proceeded to read them to me and a friendship was born. Who would have thought??

Jill and I do strange things together. With my other friends we go places and do things. Jill and I are much more into home improvement and tv. It is not a good idea to take Jill to Lowes because you will end up with all sorts of things that you do not know how to use or that "should" work or projects that come with the tag "oh we can do this". Then you come home and we proceed to stumble through the mass amount of puttys, primers, nails, caulks, screws, prybars and the like. However, I must admit that we have successfuly completed every project that we have started. It may require another trip to Lowes or some assistance but we get there and my father is always amazed.

Well, this weekend the fishing trip is a big ole no go, Jill has to work. Attorneys always have to work. However, this attorney refuses to work this weekend. Instead of sipping miller light and drowning some worms I shall be painting my house. Jill, you're missing painting the house which will involve a bucket truck, a sprayer and me. That's sure to be an adventure. Although, I have seen how Jill paints and I am still scraping paint off of doors, windows etc. So, maybe it is best that she work.

My attorney rant for the day. Did you see the Paris Hilton interview with Larry King? She told Larry that her attorney didn't tell her that she couldn't drive but that she could drive after 30 days. That's it princess be like the rest of the world and hang your attorney out to dry. Everyone blames things on their attorney, you hired us, you paid us, if you don't like it, fire us and find another one. Okay, rant over.

Hello.. weekend are you here yet??

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day One..

After reading all of the knitting blogs, I decided to start my own. Why not? Maybe because I have a law office and should therefore spend my time billing clients so that I can buy more yarn?? Perhaps. But who cares? It's knitting, I should be able to fit it into my day.

Today I decided to venture into a new world of fiber arts...spindles. I went to Knitters Connection earlier this month and was intrigued by this decorative little things. So today I purchased my first spindle and roving. Thanks to Shannon at a new flower spindle is heading my way and I cannot wait.

Since this is a blog about knitting so I'll share some of my work in progress...
The beginning of a monkey sock. The yarn is from Love Yarn and I have no idea what the colorway is. I am a bit nervous about whether or not I will have enough for the 2nd sock. I am doing the heel and toe in the blue so that should save some of my precious yarn.
I must admit that this sock is changing my attitude about socks. Before I liked very plain, simple socks. What is wrong with me? This one is SOOO much cooler than some normal boring old blue sock. I may never again knit a boring sock. Onward.
I am counting down the days until the weekend. Though tonight I must refrain from working on my non-boring sock and clean my house. I have been avoiding cleaning for quite some time and it shows. This weekend a friend is coming for a visit. Our visit will consist of fishing at the lake and drinking. Probably more of the latter.
Until tomorrow!